What remains of what it was - Album Martim Moniz

Intervention on Inkjet print, 40×40 cm.

sound installation, vinyl drawing on the wall


In December 2012 I participated in an artistic residency in Lisbon, organized by the association XEREM in partnership with Triangle Network and the Arquivo Municipal de Lisboa – Fotográfico (Lisbon City Archive – Photography).
The residency, under the title “In transit: between albums and archives” addressed questions regarding place, identity and archive. Starting from the proposed themes I decided to work on the area we were staying and focus on the Martim Moniz square.
The Martim Moniz square has undergone many transformations throughout the these last 100 years . Curiously, when researching the photographic archive’s database, I came across more records of demolitions and constructions that took place around the square than actual documenting images of its many configurations.
I asked myself: what has remained in our memory of the many shapes the square has had (thinking about us as the city of Lisbon itself)?
I decided to work on this in three different ways:
Interviewing people living in the area and asking them to describe in detail one of the configurations the square has had.
Asking other people to draw me a map of the square, also thinking of one of its past configurations.
From the photo archive’s database I printed a selection of images depicting demolitions that took place in the Martim Moniz square and did an intervention on those photos, eliminating the buildings which were not under construction.


Audio Archive


Exhibition views of 7ª BIENAL INTERNACIONAL DE SÃO TOMÉ E PRÍNCIPE | 2013, no 
Espaço CACAU, São Tomé e Príncipe and O que ficou do que foi – O álbum Martim Moniz at Museu da cidade, Lisbon, Portugal, 2014.

Documentation © Bernardo Brito e Abreu and Museu da cidade