Boom Secret

Intervention on inkjet print, metal. 40x40cm.


Boom is a very small city near Antwerp that has developed around a long road leading to the river Rupel. These photographs depict meticulously that road. Black and white, probably military photographs, showing a series of written references or numerical codes, a date 04Mai’64 and in the end Boom Secret. For years I kept these images as treasure and always wondered what could be the secret. What secret could be hiding in this little town or in these pictures? I decided to analyze the images in search of some information as a kind of archaeology of the image, from which I began to cut and lift and twist the image in search of what it could tell me beyond its two-dimensionality.


Exhibition view of Boom Secret at Paris Photo 2019 with Galeria Carlos Carvalho Arte Contemporânea, France, 2019.

© Carla Cabanas