Side A Side B

Side A Side B – Personal Dj Carla Cabanas (a project by Susana Guardado) Instalação com projecção de slides 35 mm, 7 Projectores, Cobre e Tule. Dimensões variáveis. 2017 PERSONAL DJ is one of Susana Guardado’s projects standing on the borderlines of visual arts and music. It was conceived to allow new ways to experience […]

Intimate Archives After Media

Previous Next Intimate Archives After Media (A collaboration with artist Patrícia J. Reis) Performance, installation, video projection (color, 1920×1080, stereo sound), “massage chair” (textile, foam, vibration motors, wood), computer system. Dimensions variable.2017 In the light of the current context of the big data where data processing, data curation, storage, transfer, visualization and privacy are major […]