In an infinite blow – Her family album

In an infinite blow – Her family album Video, 2’00’’ Loop, HD, 16:9, colour, stereo sound. 2021  Sound: Francisco Duarte Ferreira Between the infinitely large of the Cosmos and the infinitely small of everyday life, “In an Infinite Blow” simulates a journey through observations of space by the Hubble telescope, replacing the stars with fragments of […]

Tempus Fugit Tempus Fugit Video, b/w, no sound, 4’46’ 2010 “(…)This current work by Carla Cabanas starts exactly in the erasing, in this case through the gesture, of the content of a photograph. She does it organically, establishing a bond with ideas of the ephemeral, of decadence and mortality, as the title itself suggests.For every image […]

Quid Pro Quo

Quid Pro Quo Video, colour, stereo sound, 11’00” 2009 The video begins with a black and white image that we soon realize to be the footage of a filmed photo. It is easily recognizable as a family photo, with all the implicit meaning, establishing a direct relationship with the idea of memory preservation. My hand […]

Side A Side B

Side A Side B – Personal Dj Carla Cabanas (a project by Susana Guardado) Instalação com projecção de slides 35 mm, 7 Projectores, Cobre e Tule. Dimensões variáveis. 2017 PERSONAL DJ is one of Susana Guardado’s projects standing on the borderlines of visual arts and music. It was conceived to allow new ways to experience […]