Celtis Australis L.

Intervention on inkjet print. Variable measures.


This project contains two moments: an exterior and an interior. Both are born from the idea, developed by the artist in residency, whose starting point are the leaves of the trees in the garden. In this process the artist acquired random photographs at the Feira da Ladra in Lisbon. These were then scanned and printed by ink jet process and then the paper was laser cutted. The final work is an installation that works as a metaphor and it occupies one of the rooms in the palace and the fountain in the garden. For the artist, the main focus of the work is the point in which the installation on the garden is exposed to climate elements, such as wind and sun, and its consequent transformation. The 13.200 leaves are a metaphor for the process of life and its evolution. The visitor will be confronted, in the words of the artist, by the poetics of time.

Lourenço Egreja


Exhibition views of Mecânica da Ausência at Carpe Diem Arte e Pesquisa, Lisboa, Portugal, 2015.
Documentation © Oxana Ianin