Family Album

All photographs from a family album scraped with a scalpel, Epoxy Resin on Alucobond.

150x268x5,5 cm.


The fascination of a starry sky induces the nostalgic impression of a fleeting occurrence, of the impossibility of permanence in the world. Striving to save itself from evanescence, this awareness of the erosion from passing time, from the instant of existence, ignites the drive to remember and to be remembered. Striking, and destroying, the photograph of a time gone and intimate, in Álbum de família, Carla Cabanas moves in a field that involves the fixed and the volatile.
With the dust remaining from what is born and dies, Carla Cabanas merges reminiscences of the happening of life and of the stars in minuscule cut-outs that she inscribes in a new sky. Creating another story, the visual poetry of Carla Cabanas makes the indistinct clear, the distant near, and shows, after all, that the trivial is precious, and that the mundane is transcendent.

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Ricardo Escarduça


Exhibition views of Álbum de Família at Appleton [Box], Lisbon, Portugal, 2022.
Documentation © Bruno Lopes


With the support from Garantir Cultura Program by the Portuguese Republic.