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I Don't Trust Myself When I'm Sleeping

Ink on glass, light installation, photographic album, color photographs; variable dimensions.
2018 – 2019

The contemporary experience of time has an impact on how we view periods of work, leisure, or sleep. The technological devices with which we interact are the same whether the purpose is work or leisure. These activities are intermingled throughout the day; work mingles with household chores and yet we lurk in social networks from time to time. A part of our day that has been greatly affected by the constant flow of information and the ubiquitous interactions with technology is undoubtedly sleeping. The Essayist, Jonathan Crary, argues that one of the legacies of Capitalism is the erosion between day and night, and we are now giving up our sleep to be available 24 hours a day as consumers or as a workforce. During the GlogauAir artistic residency, in Berlin, Carla Cabanas had severe problems sleeping, so her insomnia was the starting point for this project. It starts with a black mirror where you can read: I do not trust myself when I’m sleeping. Then in her studio, she creates a light installation where you can only see the images on the wall for the time determined by the artist. And a photo album is on a bed, where the images are scraped in order to create another meaning.

Exhibition views at Paris Photo 2019 with Galeria Carlos Carvalho Arte Contemporânea, France.
Exhibition views of I Don’t Trust Myself When I’m Sleeping at GlogauAir – Artist in Residence Program, Berlin, Germany.
© Carla Cabanas