Intimate Archives After Media

(A collaboration with artist Patrícia J. Reis)

Performance, installation, video projection (color, 1920×1080, stereo sound), “massage chair” (textile, foam, vibration motors, wood), computer system. Dimensions variable.

In the light of the current context of the big data where data processing, data curation, storage, transfer, visualization and privacy are major topics of discussion, artists Carla Cabanas and Patrícia J. Reis proposed to collaborate on an artist project that aims to reflect upon future ways of materialization and/or dematerialization of visual private archives. The exhibition presented the concluding research for the collaborative project carried on during one month at Schneiderei home studio gallery, [Viena, AT]. At the first event on the 8th of February the artists collected objects from the intimate archives of the audience. These acted as the raw material and inspiration for this final event. The objects were archived, interpreted, processed, translated, and given back to the audience in different modes of experience, namely through body massages, automatically executed by an object- chair. As promised, the uninjured original objects are being returned to the participants.


Exhibition views of Intimate Archives After Media at Schneiderei home studio gallery, Vienna, Austria, 2017.
Documentation photography © Sophie Thun
Documentation video © Patrícia J. Reis