Archived Word


Archived Word developed from a set of early 20th century postcards belonging to Carla Cabanas’ own private collection, and some others belonging to Eduardo Portugal’s – collection of Lisbon City Archive – Photography.

Following on the reflection which has been directing her artistic career so far, particularly matters and questions dealing with loss of memory(ies) and the passage of time in documents and images, this exhibition brings to light yet a new configuration in the artist’s work.

Postcards overlap memories of a kind of communication that is quickly disappearing; nevertheless, they are also tokens of a past where this exchange of words and images was quite a common practice.
This bond of proximity between relatives and friends can still show us a different way of thinking about distance, about sharing a sense of longing, and the experience of absence.

By using the precision of laser cutting, the intervention made on the document is now automatic, and cutting around/across it becomes a way to explore the three-dimensional object, since this process conducts a series of interferences on both sides of the postcard.

PALAVRA ARQUIVADA/archived word is taking on new routes in questioning legibility itself, creating a vantage point between the recognizable, the identifiable, abstraction, and the frailty of these objects.

Sofia Castro