The Mechanics of Absence I

Installation with synchronised 35mm slide projection, 5 projections, dimensions variable.


(…) Carla Cabanas’ work focuses on reinterpreting time and memory, through an idea of loss and saturation.
Changing a set of slides, the artist modifies the story that each image retains, transforming, with that action, what was the registration of the suspended instant, or the crystallization of a special moment, in a living, undefined and fabled time.
Cutting the support and marking an absence, or adding to it other cuts in order to densify the image, Carla Cabanas composes a palimpsest of references that makes room for another look. A look made of layers, where something empties and fills itself, or something forgets and remembers, with the imprecision of what memory erases and keeps.
This is thus about the construction of a vision that translates a complex, stratified and non-linear time. A vision that responds more to emotion than to the rationality of chronological succession, and varies between what each image fixes and what the artist manipulates. (…)

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Sérgio Fazenda Rodrigues


Exhibition views of Mecânica da Ausência I at Cooperativa de comunicação e Cultura, Torres Vedras, Portugal, 2016.